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Client: Ekka Brisbane (for Oracle Attractions)
Skill: Laser Operation
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Ekka went off

Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics Stats & Facts
17 x Fireworks Trolley Positions on the Arena
24 x 15m Firejets
7 x Radio Frequency Firing Controllers
1,280 x Firing Cues
40 x Firing Modules
4 x Fast Moving ATV Quad Bikes with Pyro Effects, Kites and Flags
20 x Pyro Kites
6 x Human Pyro Performers
8 x Pyrotechnicians working 12hours per day to set up
3 tonnes of fireworks ignited over the entire Ekka
2 x Truck loads of fireworks & equipment

Oracle Attractions Stats & Facts
6 x Oracle T4-15Watt OPS Colour Lasers
1 x 35metre Vertical Aquatic Jet
4 x 20mx40m Parabolic Aquatic Jets
6 x 12metre Vertical Animated Aquatic Fountains
4 x Technical Crew
6 x Show Staging & Setting Crew
Flying Pictures as Operator
Fusion Entertainment Stats & Facts
40 x Moving Lights
72 x Concert Speaker Boxes
10 x Crew for Lighting & Audio
5 x Power Generators providing up to 1000amps of 3phase power